Do you know that there are many Cedarcide products that are there in the market today? Well to begin with, these are products that are used for repelling pests. They are chemical free and are labelled for a wide variety of insect pests in our homes, garden and even the pets at home.

Mosquito fogger machine

This is a very useful machine which is designed in order to control flying insects and any other kind of pests that inhabit the yard or even the structures. It is a light weight measuring about six pounds and is hand held. This ultra low volume and a non thermal fogger releases chemical free cold fog that can penetrate even the hardest places to reach in your home. You must have noticed that there are some points of the home where regular spay cannot reach but this machine can, the good thing about this Cedarcide product is the fact that it is very easy for you to carry it around. If you are uncomfortable with carrying it, you can opt to just set it up as a stationery unit on your back porch and hence get rid of the mosquitoes that are there. The other good thing is that the fogger is sold with 1 quart of Cedarcide product which is concentrated disinfectant fogger machine

Pest yet caddy

This product is designed for the house keeping endeavours which are related to motels. Note that large reservoirs can hold up to 4 gallons of the best yet solution. The good thing about this Cedarcide product is the fact that it is formulated to provide instant kill to the fleas, bedbugs and even mites. This product is very good and gives out good results in the shortest time possible. The other good thing about it is the fact that it is not expensive and goes for a low fee that can be afforded by everyone.


This Cedarcide product can be regarded as the ultimate in the control of insects. This irrigation system for mosquito and venonous easily controls the pests. What is done to this Cedarcide pestigator is that it is injected with concentrated and a water soluble cedar oil solution which is put in the water streams and then into the sprinkler heads. When the sprinkler starts pouring the water, there is the control since mosquitoes and other fleas are destroyed. There are also the res cedar granules which are highly concentrated with aromatic red cedar oil which is offensive to the insects. It is long lasting and makes sure that all the fleas and mosquitoes, roaches and many other insects are destroyed. You only sprinkle on areas where you want to destroy the insects and it works very well.