Undertaking frequent shopping centre surveys will help you as the property manager maintain the tenant mix and strategy in the retail property. The shopping centre survey should be an annual event that is incorporated into the business plan for the retail property.

Identify Change Factors

The survey process will help you identify weaknesses in the tenancy mix whether they are missing tenant categories, underperforming tenants, lack of product offering, use of the common area within the property, and customer traffic patterns within the property layout.

Strengths of the property will also be found from the survey; you can then optimise their impact on the operations of the property.

Care should be exercised in understanding when the surveys should be undertaken. You can skew the survey results simply by not allowing for the following:

  • Understand the days of the week that produce the different type of shopper to the property. That can be younger families, older pensioners, tourists, white collar and blue collar shoppers, and local workers to.
  • Understand the times of day where the type of shopper will change. This can be due to the lunchtime trade, the opening of banks, the days where pensions and social security are issued, and the times where the public transport will be accessed for commuters.
  • Identify where the customers enter the property and in what ratio on a door by door basis. Doorways that are adjacent to the public transport facility on your property perimeter are likely to bring a specific type of customer to the property. On that basis the survey process should occur adjacent to the different doorways at different times of day.
  • The people to undertake the survey should be experienced in the process. If they cannot relate to and connect with the customer or shopper, it is likely that they will get poor survey results.
  • Speak with the tenants within the property before the surveys are commenced. The tenants will know more about your customers than you do as the property manager. They can also assist you with the correct question profile for the different types of shoppers. If your shopping centre has a Tenants Marketing Committee, they should be involved in the creation of the questionnaire.
  • Understand the impact and timing of the seasonal shopping process associated with Christmas, Easter, and other seasonal events. Your local community will have an annual cycle of community involvement and activity. It is wise to differentiate between these peaks in the seasonal cycle versus the other ordinary times of the year. 레플리카 시계
  • The shopping centre survey should be reasonably simple so that it can be completed in a short period of time. The average shopper will not cooperate with the survey if it is too lengthy.
  • The design of the shopping centre may create specific type of shopping customer patterns. Undertaking surveys in particular areas such as ladies fashion, in the food court, or on the mezzanine level where the cinemas are possibly located can very well give you different survey results.

It is possible that your survey should also incorporate further matters relating to your locality, community, and the property design. Importantly the landlord should approve the survey format and process prior to its implementation.