When considering exterior lighting bollard lights are an excellent choice. They are smaller than lamp posts, but still provide plenty of lighting. If you are short on space, bollard lights make a great choice. They are available in styles ranging from traditional to modern and can easily be placed between plantings in your garden. And these lights are perfect for lighting walkways or driveways.

If you want a minimalist style in a small, Driveway bollards unobtrusive light, the Brisbane Stainless Steel Bollard Light is an excellent choice, at 100 cm tall. It has an 8 watt T5 lamp and takes up next to no space. If you were more interested in a traditional look, you can choose from several mini lamp post styles, such as the Chapel Mini Black Lamp, which is 94 cm tall and has a 100 watt light.

More upscale models of exterior lighting bollard lamps are made of stainless or galvanized steel, and they, too come in classic or modern styles. When you are choosing exterior lighting bollard lamps they should be considered in the context in which you want to use them. Will they be displayed as focal points themselves, or do you want the bollard lighting to draw attention to other features?

While simple and plain bollard lamps are beautiful themselves, they do not necessarily draw attention to themselves, and can be placed so as to emphasized particular garden features or plants that you are particularly proud of. The more ornate bollard lights may be used as focal points in your exterior lighting scheme, perhaps accented with smaller decking lights or ground-level lights leading up to them.